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@c -*-texinfo-*-
@c This is part of the GNU edition of V.E.R.A.
@c Copyright (C) 1993/2003 Oliver Heidelbach
@c See the file vera.texi for copying conditions.
@c Syntax:
@c Expansion[ (Reference)][, "Style"]
@c Additional explanations are included in [square brackets]

@table @asis
@item F2C
FORTRAN to C [converter]

@item F2F
Frequency - Double Frequency

@item FA
FernmeldeAmt (DTAG)

@item FAA
Flow Admission Acknowledge [message] (LFAP)

@item FABS
Fast Access Btree Structure

@item FAC
Final Assembly Code (IMEI, GSM, mobile-systems)

@item FACCH
Fast Associated Control CHannel (GSM, DCCH, mobile-systems)

@item FACE
Framed Access Command Environment (Unix, SVR4)

@item FACS
Firmware ACPI Control Structure (ACPI)

@item FADOS
Fast Amsterdam Distributed (???) Operating System (OS, FAMP)

@item FADT
Fixed ACPI Description Table (ACPI)

@item FADU
File Access Data Unit (FTAM)

@item FAE
Field Application Engineer

@item FAG
FernmeldeAnlagenGesetz telecommunication, Germany

@item FAID
Flash Authority Identification Data (EEPROM)

@item FAIS
Finnish Artificial Intelligence Society (org., Finland, AI)

@item FAL
File Access Listener (DEC, DNA)

@item FAME
FORMEX Applied to Multilingualism in Europe (SGML, Europe)

@item FAMOS
Floating gate Avalanche injection Metal Oxide Semiconductor (IC)

@item FAMP
Fast Amsterdam MultiProcessor

@item FANP
Flow Attribute Notification Protocol (Toshiba, RFC 2129)

@item FAPI
Family Application Programmer Interface (DOS, VDM, API)

@item FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions (slang, Usenet)

@item FAR
False Acception Rate

@item FAR
Fixed Alternative Routing (SNI)

@item FAR
Flow Admission Request [message] (LFAP)

@item FARE
Film Automatic Retouching and Enhancement (Canon, Scanner)

@item FARNET
Federation of American Research NETworks (network)

@item FAS
Flow Admission Service

@item FASMI
Fast Analysis of Shared Multidimensional Information (OLAP)

@item FAST
Fast ARM Solutions Toolkit (ARM, Palm, PDA)

@item FAST
First Application System Test

@item FAST
Forschungsinstitut fuer Angewandte Software-Technologie [e.v.] (org.)

@item FAT
File Allocation Table (DOS)

@item FAU
Flow Admission Update [message] (LFAP)

@item FAU
Friedrich-Alexander-Universitaet (org., Erlangen, Germany, Nuernberg, Germany)

@item FAW
Forschungsinstitut fuer Anwendungsorientierte Wissensverarbeitung (org., KI, Ulm)

@item FAXP
FAX Profile (Bluetooth, SPP), "FaxP"

@item FB
Fiber optic Backbone

@item FBAS
FarbBild-AustastSystem / Farb-Bild-Austast-Synchron-signal (video)

@item FBL
Frame Burst error Length (CD)

@item FBM
Flexible Buffer Management (QMS)

@item FBPP
Federal Biomteric Protection Profile (NIAP)

@item FBS
Flexible Bandwidth Service (ATM, SDH)

@item FC
Federal Criteria [for information technology security] (NIST, USA)

@item FC
Feedback Control

@item FC
Fibre Channel

@item FC
Frame Control (FDDI, Token Ring)

@item FCA
Flow Control Ack (DLSW)

@item FCAL
Fibre Channel - Arbitrated Loop, "FC-AL" 

@item FCAPS
Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, Security [management areas]

@item FCB
File Control Block (DOS)

@item FCBS
File Control BlockS (DOS)

@item FCC
Fast Communication Controler (SCC, MCC)

@item FCC
Federal Communications Commission (org., USA)

@item FCC
Forward Carbon Copy (telecommunication)

@item FCCH
Frequency Correction CHannel (GSM, mobile-systems)

@item FCCN
Fundacao para a Computacao Cientifica Nacional (org., Portugal)

@item FCD
Floating Car Data

@item FCFS
First Come, First Served

@item FCGS4
Fibre Channel Generic Service 4 (FC, SAN, ANSI), "FC-GS-4"

@item FCH
Frame Control Channel (HiperLAN/2)

@item FCI
Fibre Channel Interface

@item FCI
Flow Control Indicator (DLSW)

@item FCI
Forward Cache Identifier (CATNIP)

@item FCIP
Fibre Channel over Internet Protocol (SAN, FC, IP)

@item FCL
Framework Class Library (MS, .NET)

@item FCMI
Fibre Channel Methodology for Interconnects (FC, SAN, ANSI), "FC-MI"

@item FCO
Flow Control Operator Bits (DLSW, BIT)

@item FCP
[SCSI-3] Fibre Channel Protocol (SAM)

@item FCPGA
Flip Chip Pin Grid Array (CPU), "FC-PGA"

@item FCPH
Fibre Channel PHysical and signaling interface (SAM), "FC-PH"

@item FCR
Flow Change Request [message] (LFAP)

@item FCS
Fast Circuit Switching

@item FCS
First Customer Ship (IBM)

@item FCS
Frame Check Sequence (FDDI, Token Ring)

@item FCS
Frame Check Sum (MODEM)

@item FCSAN
Fibre Channel Storage Area Network (FC, SAN)

@item FDA

@item FDAD
Functional Data ADministrator

@item FDC
Floppy Disk Controller (FDD)

@item FDCT
Fast Discrete Cosine Transformation (DCT)

@item FDD
Floppy Disk Drive

@item FDD
Frequency Division Duplex (mobile-systems)

@item FDDI
Fiber Distributed Data Interface (ANSI, ISO 8314)

FDDI Twisted Pair-Physical layer, Medium Dependent, "FDDI TP-PMD" 

@item FDE
Full Duplex Ethernet (ethernet)

@item FDES
Full Duplex EtherSwitch (Kalpana)

@item FDI
[fachverband der ] Fuehrungskraefte der Druckindustrie und Informationsverarbeitung (org.)

@item FDL
File Definition Language

@item FDL
Free Documentation License (GNU)

@item FDM
Frequency Division Multiplexing (FDM)

@item FDMA
Frequency Division Multiple Access (mobile-systems)

@item FDO
Functional Device Object

@item FDT
Formal Description Technique

@item FDTDMA
Frequency Division/Time Division Multiple Access (mobile-systems, GSM), "FD/TDMA"

@item FDX
Full DupleX

@item FE
Focus Error (DVD)

@item FE
Forschung und Entwicklung, "F&E"

@item FE
Functional Entity (IN)

@item FEA
Functional Entity Action (IN, UNI)

@item FEAL
Fast Data Encipherment Algorithm (DES, cryptography)

@item FEAST
Fast Data Enciphering Algorithm (cryptography)

@item FEBE
Far End Block Error (SONET)

@item FEC
Forward Error Correction (GSM, mobile-systems)

@item FECN
Forward Explicit Congestion Notification (ATM)

@item FEFCO

@item FEIT
Fujitsu Enhanced Imaging Technology (Fujitsu)

@item FEK
File Encryption Key (cryptography)

@item FEM
Finite Elemente Methode

@item FEN
Free-net Erlangen/Nuernberg

@item FEP
Firewall Enhancement Protocol (RFC 3093)

@item FEP
Front End Processor

@item FER
Forward Error Correction (satellite)

@item FERF
Far End Receive Failure (UNI, ATM, SONET, OAM)

@item FESI
Federacion Espanola de Sociedades de Informatica (org., Spain)

@item FET
Field Effect Transistor

@item FF
Form(ular) Feed

@item FFAPI
File Format API (MS, API)

@item FFC
Fully Formed Character [printer]

@item FFDC
First Failure Data Capture

@item FFDT
FDDI Full Duplexing Technology (FDDI)

@item FFII
Foerderverein fuer Freie Informationelle Infrastruktur (org.)

@item FFOL
FDDI Follow-On-LAN

@item FFS
Fallback Fault-tolerant Server (IBM, OS/2)

@item FFS
Fast File System (Unix, Amiga, Commodore)

@item FFS
Fast Filing System (BSD, Unix)

@item FFS
Flexible Fertigungs-Systeme

@item FFST2
First Failure Support Technology /2 (IBM), "FFST/2"

@item FFT
Final Form Text

@item FGA
Future Graphics Adapter (Spea)

@item FGCS
Fifth Generation Computer Systems [project] (ICOT)

@item FGREP
Fixed Global Regular Expression Print (Unix, GREP)

@item FHGS
FreeHand Graphics Studio (Macromedia, DTP)

@item FHSS
Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (WLAN)

@item FIA
Fiberoptic Industry Association (org.)

@item FIB
Forwarding Information Base (router, LAN, Internet)

@item FIBU

@item FIC
First International Computer [inc.] (manufacturer)

@item FID
File IDentifier (APDU)

@item FID
File Identifier Descriptor (UDF, CD-R)

@item FIDO
FIlter Device Object, "FiDO"

@item FIF
Fractal Interchange Format

@item FIFF
Forum Informatikerinnen Fuer den Frieden (org.)

@item FIFO
First In First Out (CPU)

@item FIG
Forth Interest Group (org., Forth)

@item FIGLET
Frank, Ian and Glenn

's LETters (ASCII, fonts)@item FILEFree Internet Lexicon and Encyclopedia (WWW, DICT)@item FILOFirst In Last Out@item FIMASFinancial Institution Message Authentication Standard (banking, ANSI)@item FIOCFrame Input/Output Controller@item FIPFacility Interface Processor@item FIPFactory Instrumentation Protocol@item FIPFluorescent Indicator Panel@item FIPAFoundation for Intelligent Physical Agents (org., Agents)@item FIPSFederal Information Processing Standard (NIST, USA)@item FIQFast Interrupt reQuest (ARM, RISC)@item FIRFast IRDA (IRDA)@item FIRFinite Impulse Response (DSP)@item FIREFlexible Intelligent Routing Engine (3Com)@item FIRMRFederal Information Resources Management Regulations (USA)@item FIRPFederal Internet Requirements Panel (Internet, USA)@item FIRSFederated Internet Registry Service (LDAP, Internet)@item FIRSTForschungsInstitut fuer Rechnerarchitektur und SoftwareTechnik (org., GMD, Berlin, Germany)@item FIRSTForum of Incident Response and SecuriTy (org., NIST)@item FISFachInformationsSystem@item FISFuehrungsInformationsSysteme@item FISHFIle transfer with a SHell, "FiSH"@item FITFailures In Time@item FITSFunctional Interpolating Transformation System@item FITUGFoerderverein Informationstechnik und Gesellschaft [e.V.] (org.)@item FIUFingerprint Identification Unit (Sony)@item FIZFachInformationsZentrum karlsruhe Org., Germany@item FKFoundation Kit (NextStep, OpenStep, Apple, Rhapsody)@item FKSFernmelde-Klein-Steckverbindung (Westernstecker)@item FLFiber optic Link@item FLACCFull Level Algol Checkout Compiler@item FLAMEFLexible API for Module-based Environments (RL, API)@item FLCFerroelectric Liquid Crystal@item FLEAFour Letter Extended Acronym@item FLEXIPFLEXible Internet Protocol (Novell, Netware), "FLeX/IP"@item FLIMFaithful Library about Internet Message (EMACS, GNU)@item FLOPSFLoating-point Operations Per Second (CPU)@item FLPFast Link Pulse (ethernet, LAN, NLP)@item FLS???@item FMFrequenz-Modulation@item FMAFederated Management Architecture (Java)@item FMBFlexible MotherBoard [design]@item FMMFlash Memory Manager (Intel)@item FMOFlexible Macroblock Ordering (AVC, video)@item FMSFernMeldeSystem@item FMSFORTRAN Monitor System (OS, IBM 709)@item FMTEYEWTKFar More Than Everything You Ever Wanted To Know (slang, PERL)@item FNCFederal Networking Council (org., USA)@item FNIFachNormenausschuss Informationsverarbeitung [1962-1987] (DIN, NI, predecessor)@item FOFiber Optic@item FOAFiber Optic Association (org.)@item FOCFiber Optic Cable / Communications@item FOCS[symposium on] Foundations Of Computer Science (conference)@item FODFlexible Optical Disk (OD)@item FODAFormal specification of ODA document structures (ODA, ISO)@item FODO[international conference on] Foundations Of Data Organization and algorithms (conference, INRIA)@item FOEBUD[verein zur] Foerderung des OEffentlichen Bewegten und Unbewegten Datenverkehrs [e.v.] (org.), "FoeBuD"@item FOIRLFiber Optic InterRepeater Link (OWG)@item FOKUSForschungszentrum fuer Offene KommUnikationsSysteme (org., GMD, Berlin, Germany)@item FOLDOCFree OnLine Dictionary Of Computing (WWW, UK)@item FOLEDFlexible Organic Light Emitting Display (OLED)@item FOMAUFiber Optic MAU (ethernet, MAU)@item FONFiber Optics Network@item FOOBARFTP Operation Over Big Address Records (RFC 1639, FTP)@item FOOTForum for Object Oriented Technology (CERN, OOP)@item FOPFormatting Object Processor (Apache, XSL-FO)@item FORMEXFORMalised EXchange of electronic publications (SGML, Europe)@item FORMLFormal Object Role Modelling Language@item FORTRANFORmula TRANslation@item FORTWIHRFORschungsverbund fuer Technisch-WIssenschaftliches HochleistungsRechnen (org., Bavaria)@item FORWISSbayerisches FORschungszentrum fuer WISsensbasierte Systeme (org., KI)@item FOSIFormat Output Specification Instance (SGML, CALS)@item FOSSILFido Opus Seadog Standard Interface Layer@item FOTFiber Optic Transceiver@item FOTEFollow-on Operational Test and Evaluation, "FOT & E"@item FOURCCFOUR Character Code (RIFF, TIFF, VFW, DivX)@item FOVField Of View (VRML)@item FOXField Operational X.500@item FPAFast Packet Adaption (FPS, FPR)@item FPAFloating Point Accelerator@item FPAAField Programmable ALU Array (IC, ALU, RL)@item FPBGAFine Pitch Ball Grid Array (CPU, IC)@item FPCFloating Point Coprocessor@item FPDIFlat Panel Display Interface (VESA)@item FPDUFTAM Protocol Data Unit (PDU)@item FPEFloating Point Engine@item FPGAField Programmable Gate Array (RL)@item FPIFlux Changes per Inch (HDD)@item FPIFormal Public Identifier (DTD, SGML)@item FPIFunctional Process Improvement@item FPKFast Packet Keying (WLAN, WEP, RSA, cryptography)@item FPLAField Programmable Logic Array@item FPLMTSFuture Public Land Mobile Telecommunications System (IN, mobile-systems)@item FPMFast Page Mode [DRAM] (RAM, DRAM)@item FPMFast Page Mode [ram] (RAM, DRAM, IC)@item FPMDRAMFast Page Mode DRAM (RAM, DRAM, IC), "FPM-DRAM"@item FPMPMIFlat Panel Monitor Physical Mounting Interface [standard] (LCD, VESA)@item FPNWFile and Print service for NetWare (MS, Windows NT, DSMN)@item FPODAFixed Priority Orientated Demand Assignment (MAC, PODA)@item FPPFast-Parallel-Port@item FPPFloating Point Processor@item FPPFORTRAN Pre-Processor (FORTRAN)@item FPPFull Packaged Product (MS)@item FPRFast Packet Relay (FPS, FPA)@item FPRFloating Point Register (FPU)@item FPSFast Packet Switching (X.25, Datex-J)@item FPSFrames Per Second@item FPUFloating Point Unit (CPU)@item FQDNFully Qualified DOMAIN Name (Internet)@item FRADFrame Relay Access Device@item FRAMFerroelectric Random Access Memory (RAM, IC)@item FRCFrame Rate Control (PDP)@item FRDFunctional Requirements Description@item FRFFloatingpoint Register File (DEC, Alpha, CPU)@item FRICCFederal Research Internet Coordinating Committee (org.)@item FRLFrame Representation Language (AI)@item FRMRFRaMe Reject (HDLC, LAPB, SDLC)@item FROMFactory Read Only Memory (ROM)@item FRRFalse Rejection Rate@item FRRFunctional Recovery Routine@item FRSFlexible Route Selection@item FRSFrame Relay Service (ATM, UNI)@item FSFile System (LVM)@item FSFrame Status (FDDI, Token Ring)@item FSAGFree Software Association of Germany (org.)@item FSBFor Small Business (Novell)@item FSBFront Side Bus@item FSCFujitsu Siemens Computer (manufacturer)@item FSCKFile System Consistency checK (Unix)@item FSDFile System Driver@item FSFFree Software Foundation (org., GNU)@item FSHFile System Hierarchy (Linux, LSB)@item FSIPFull Scale InPut (FSOP)@item FSKFrequency Shift Keying (telecommunication)@item FSMFinite State Machine (TTCN, ...)@item FSMFreiwillige Selbstkontrolle Multimedia Org., Germany@item FSMGDOSFont Scaling Manager - Graphics Device Operating System (OS, Atari), "FSM-GDOS"@item FSO[scripting runtime library] File System Objects (MS, WSH)@item FSOPFull Scale OutPut (FSIP)@item FSOSFree Standing Operating System (OS)@item FSPFile Slurping Protocol@item FSRTLFile System RunTime Library@item FSSFast System Switch (Unix)@item FSSUTFFileSystem Safe UCS Transformation Format (UCS, Unicode), "FSS-UTF"@item FSTFlat Square Technology (Hitachi)@item FSTNFilm SuperTwisted Nematic (LCD)@item FSTPFoiled Shielded Twisted Pair [cable] (STP, TP), "F/STP"@item FSUFree Software Union (org.)@item FT1Fractional T1 (ISDN, T1, DS-0, DS-1)@item FTAFloptical Technology Association (3M u.a.)@item FTAMFile Transfer, Access  and Management (GOSIP, ISO 8571/8572)@item FTBFSFails To Build From Source (Linux, Debian, slang)@item FTCFederal Trade Commission (org., USA)@item FTE[DCOM] For The Enterprise (DCOM, SAG)@item FTNFido Technology Network (FidoNet)@item FTNAFile Transfer Access and Management@item FTNEAFile Transfer NEtwork Architecure (SNI)@item FTOSFile Transfer Open Systems@item FTOSFile Transfer OSI Support@item FTPFile Transfer Protocol (Internet, RFC 959)@item FTPFoiled Twisted Pair [cable] (UTP, TP)@item FTPDFile Transfer Protocol DAEMON (FTP)@item FTRFull Text Retrieval@item FTSFidonet Technical Standard@item FTS2000Federal Telecommunications Services - 2000 (USA), "FTS-2000"@item FTSCFederal Telecommunications Standards Committee (org., USA)@item FTSCFidonet Technical Standard Conference (conference)@item FTZFernmeldeTechnische Zentralamt / Zulassung (DTAG, ZZF, predecessor)@item FUAFlow Update Acknowledge [message] (LFAP)@item FUBFreie Universitaet Berlin (org.)@item FUBABFouled / Fucked Up Beyond All Belief (slang, Usenet, IRC)@item FUBARFouled / Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition / Repair (slang, Usenet, IRC)@item FUDFear, Uncertainty & Doubt (slang, IBM)@item FUNFlow Update Notification [message] (LFAP)@item FUNIFrame User Network Interface@item FUEVFernmeldeanlagen-UEberwachungsVerordnung@item FWHFirmWare Hub (BIOS, Intel)@item FWIWFor What It's Worth (slang, Usenet, IRC)

@item FWT
Fast Wavelet Transformation

@item FXU
FiXed point Unit (POWER, CPU)

@item FYI
For Your Information (slang, Usenet, IRC)

@item FZA
??? [compression]

@item FZI
ForschungsZentrum Informatik (org., Uni Karlsruhe, Germany)

@end table

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